Thursday 13 June 2013

At last the finale!

Sorry for anyone who has been hanging out for part 3...time has slipt away the past few weeks!!

Our reception and cocktail hour was held at Berardo's Bar & Restaurant . A beautiful, candle lit intimate restaurant set high up on the hill of Hastings Street. Our florist/stylist was absolutely BRILLIANT. She worked in with what I wanted and read my mind perfectly. We had a phone call a few weeks before the wedding to discuss the layout and theme and I trusted her so much I didn't even see a sample/end result until I walked into the reception with the bridal party! It took my breath away...the whole restaurant was white, candle lit, beautiful flowers in the center pieces which were bird cages (I did a DIY on these and sprayed them white). The dance floor was center and was a BIG hit later on in the evening. The staff were beyond and with an OPEN BAR (a fav for most) they were run off their feet and kept every ones glasses and tummys filled! We also had an open menu so every one could choose their own meal and the food was delicious !!  My beautiful sister, Ellie, spent hours the few nights before the big day cooking our 'Sweet Bar'. It was a selection of bite sized desserts and was a HUGE HIT!! Everyone who made a speech went above and beyond and they were all truly heart felt, funny, embarrassing and they all took us on a journey up until Jr and I tied the knot.

The Bridal party made a huge entrance....some danced, some laughed, and some got picked up and slapped on the arse!! YES...Georgia and Johnnie (luckily a couple) made a very unique entrance with Johnnie swooping Georgia off her feet over his shoulder and in the middle of the dance floor gave twirl her a little tap!
When we were announced and introduced as Mr and Mrs...we entered and actually started the night off with our bridal waltz. It was a nice touch.

Our cake was a Macaroon Tower with cream and peach as the colour. It looked beautiful!!

The night ended with a LOT of dancing, drinking and finally Jr and I said farewell and ran through a glow stick tunnel that everyone made on the boardwalk outside.

A perfect end to a perfect day! I have loved documenting the wedding while all the memories are still will be nice to keep looking back on in the future! I hope you have all enjoyed having a little peek into our day!

It has been 2 months since we have been married today and it has been GREAT!!! We enjoyed a honeymoon to Hawaii, Vegas and LA. We are now settled back into our home and ready for the next chapter in our lives. xx

Enjoy the piccies

A nice big puddle made a great addition to the dress! 

Friday 24 May 2013

I DO - Part Two

You may give your kisses to the MRS!!!!!

Our ceremony was simple, relaxed, funny and PERFECT!

It reflected who Jr and I are as a couple. We wrote our own special vow
s, shared a promise poem we wrote together, he put the ring on the wrong finger, we laughed, we cried... just perfect I tell you!! 

At the Sheraton on Hastings Street, they had a beautiful white pergola and lilly pond. It was fantastic, everyone kept dry, yet it still felt like we were outdoors with the beautiful white shutters that let all the natural light in (still very noosa-ry, which was the aim even with the wet weather). 

Junior, his son (Kyan ring boy - without the rings), sister (Nyota my beautiful flower girl - she knows how to work the camera) and parents all walked up the boardwalk then through to the aisle. With Angus & Julia Stone 'Mango Tree' playing in the background...all the groomsmen met their bridesmaid at the top of the boardwalk to walk them down (a little different from the the bridesmaids walking down by themselves). Once everyone was in place, my Dad then walked me down the path....the walk seemed so long and I couldn't wait to see Junior. It wasn't until I was half way up the aisle, he finally turned around to see me and it was an incredible moment. I think we just wanted to talk to catch up on the last day of not seeing each other, but, we managed to hold it together to share some very special words.

Jackie Smith was our marriage celebrant, from The Wedlock Smith. She has been such a close friend to me for the past 4 years since we met in college. I can't even explain how amazing it was to have someone who has known Jr and I as a couple since day one, to make our marriage official and share the moment with us. She was incredible and made the ceremony very light, funny, and loving. Thanks Jac! xx

As Jr, myself and the bridal party walked around for the photos, it all seemed very natural. We had some great moments that Bayleigh captured. I was worried about my beautiful gown 'sloshing' in the wet ground, but soon got over that. Once we hit the beach I ran down to the sand and really felt comfortable in the moment, having a blast with Junior. It's funny ever since we booked Noosa for the wedding (it was only the reception venue that led me to this decision), I never wanted a 'beachy beachy' wedding, so I surprised myself when I got down to the sand! In that moment, the sun peaked through the clouds and created an incredible rainbow! 

We headed to the busy hastings street (not sure if I even had shoes on at this point). We headed to the middle of the cars came passed they beeped and congratulated us....most cars stopped to join in the fun and had a chat. No one was bothered at all that we had stopped traffic to take some shots. Noosa was just great and the rain was just FUN! 

We made our way to the reception, where the bridal party made some interesting choices of how to enter...more on that soon! 

For now, enjoy the ceremony & Noosa locations. I think Bayleigh did a wonderful job as always and the photos reflected the moment perfectly. 

Party time - Part Three is next!! xx